Another PDF Converter: FreePDF Creator for Windows

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There are multiple PDF converters available online. It is however always convenient to install a PDF converter on your PC, and I have already introduced you to PrimoPDF a while ago. I should note here that we are exclusively discussing a PDF converter for Windows, since Macs come with a built-in PDF printer.

An alternative to PrimoPDF that has been brought to my attention is FreePDF Creator from The installation is very straightforward: just head to the website and download the software. After downloading the executable file (which is about 12 MB), double-click to install the converter. You need to supply a name and email in the installer, and you’re good to go.

To try the software, open the file that you need to convert to PDF – a Word or Excel file, for instance – and select File > Print (or the Office Button > Print). Select the printer named ‘FreePDF Creator’, and you are presented with a range of options within the software’s simple interface.

The first of these options concerns the quality of your PDF document, where the available options are ‘Web Ready’, ‘Print Quality’ and ‘Prepress Quality’. The second option allows you to customize the PDF document with a title, author and subject, while the third option enables you to secure the document with passwords.

A full-fledged PDF editor is available on the website, called PDF Converter Elite. This is an alternative to the famous Adobe Acrobat, much like the NitroPDF from PrimoPDF.

It is preferable to have a PDF converter installed on your PC, in case an Internet connection is not available and you cannot use web-based solutions. FreePDF Creator is a PDF converter that is both lightweight and user-friendly; I recommend that you give it a try.


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