Another ‘Green’ Car to Win the 2014 Car of The Year Award?

BMW i3, courtesy of Wikipedia

Update (March 4): The BMW i 3 came only second, with a difference of 84 points. The winner was the Peugeot 308. It turned out my prediction was wrong after all…

Readers of this blog (yes, all three of you) might know that I am an auto enthusiast. I have been a car geek for four decades now – I even drive an old man’s car! – and one of the yearly milestones that I follow year-in, year-out is the famous Car of the Year award.

The finalists for the 2014 Car of the Year designation, awarded since 1964, have already been selected. The lucky winner will be known in March, in time for the Geneva show, one of the most important car shows of the year.

Significantly, of the seven finalists, two are electric vehicles: the BMW i3 and the Tesla S.

My prediction: one of them will win the award for 2014. Why?

Back in March 2013, when the Opel Ampera won the ‘Car of the Year’ award, I argued that:

“Car magazines are giving awards to cars that use an alternative mode of energy and reduce emissions:

  • In order to give a tribute to manufacturers who possess the advanced technology to produce them;
  • To encourage the public to consider them as a future purchase”.

In that article, I also mentioned that two other ‘green’ cars won recent ‘Car of the Year’ awards:

It’s interesting to find out that two of out of seven finalists are ‘Green’ cars. One of them is a city car (the BMW), while the other one is a high-end luxury car (the Tesla).

I predict that the BMW will win the 2014 ‘Car of the Year’ award. With the ever-increasing global interest in sustainability, it looks probable that BMW, traditionally a manufacturer of luxury sports cars, will gain a reward for producing a small electric car.

Then again, the European journalists could prove me wrong. We’ll know on the 3rd of March 2014!



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