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Project Planning Pro for iPad: Planning and Scheduling at your Fingertips

Project Planning Pro

If your daily work includes the creation of project schedules, a safe bet is that you make use of Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera. These two competing products are the mainstream, and their new versions are more powerful than ever.

What if you just needed a small application to quickly prepare and modify a small project plan that you can carry with you in the field while leaving your notebook in the office? How about using your iPad for more than playing Angry Birds? This is where Project Planning Pro comes in.

I have discovered this neat little software more than a year ago, and below is my long overdue review. Continue Reading →

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GPS: Going Places Surely?

When you are abroad for a short visit for business or tourism, if you have an international driving license, you might want to rent a car to drive around – particularly if you dislike waiting for a taxicab and prefer to have a certain margin of freedom while going places. That is, assuming you don’t like to be driven around.

This is where having a GPS (Global Positioning Device) in your car is extremely convenient, especially in a country that you are just discovering, or where there are always new routes to take. For an expatriate, however, there is really no question that the GPS device is a must. Here you are, needing to move around not only in the city where you are staying, but all over the country as well. To a tech nerd who loves cars and driving, this gadget makes for a very alluring proposition. Continue Reading →

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